About Us

Alaska Weathervane Seafoods is a marketing group formed by three of the Alaska Weathervane Scallop fishing boats and their crews to sell the sweetest, all-natural scallops in the world. We are dedicated to delivering high quality frozen at sea Alaska Weathervane Scallops that are fished sustainably in a manner respectful to the environment and other fisheries.

At Alaska Weathervane Seafoods, our vessels catch, shuck, clean, size-sort, box and rapid-deep-freeze the Alaska Weathervane within four short hours of capture. This process allows us to lock in the Weathervane’s natural sweet flavor and delicate texture for scallop connoisseurs to enjoy around the world, from the remote pristine icy waters of Alaska.

We do not adulterate the Weathervane scallop by soaking them in water or chemicals, as is done to so many other varieties of scallop worldwide. Nor do we allow our buyers to make such adulterations to the Weathervane Scallop.

Our fishery is managed by Alaska Department of Fish & Game with oversight from the National Marine Fisheries Service. As in all Alaskan fisheries, management must meet the sustainability guidelines of both the Alaska State constitution and the U.S. Congress’ Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. All off-shore scallop vessels in Alaska are required to carry third party observers to ensure accurate counts and data are given to fishery managers.

Our frozen-at-sea Alaska Weathervane Scallops are prized in five-star restaurants and markets not only in Alaska and Northwestern USA, but around the world.